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Omission Bias
The tendency to judge harmful actions as worse than equally harmful inactions.
Ostrich Effect
The decision to ignore dangerous or negative information by "burying" one's head in the sand, like an ostrich.
Outcome Bias
Judging a decision based on the outcome over the quality of the decision when it was made.
We are too confident about our abilities, and this causes us to take greater risks in our daily lives.
When we believe the world is a better place than it is, we aren't prepared for the danger and violence we may encounter.
This is the opposite of the overoptimism bias. Pessimists over-weigh negative consequences with their own and others' actions.
Placebo Effect
A self-fulfilling prophecy, where belief in something causes it to be effective.
Planning Fallacy
The tendency to underestimate how much time it will it will take to complete a task.
Post-Purchase Rationalization
Making ourselves believe that a purchase was worth the value after the fact.
Pro-Innovation Bias
When a proponent of an innovation tends to overvalue its usefulness and undervalue its limitations.
Deciding to act in favor of the present moment over investing in the future.
The desire to do the opposite of what someone wants you to do, in order to prove your freedom of choice.
The tendency to weight the latest information more heavily than older data.
The tendency to weight the primary information more heavily than all other information.
The belief that fairness should trump other values, even when it's not in our economic and/or other interests.