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Regression to the Mean
Action taken in response to extreme situations is thought to cause change when the situation is more likely reverting to average, naturally.
Restraint Bias
Overestimating one's ability to show restraint in the face of temptation.
Our tendency to focus on the most easily-recognizable features of a person or concept.
Seersucker Illusion
Over-reliance on expert advice. This has to do with the avoidance or responsibility (~appeal to authority).
Self-Enhancing Transmission Bias
Everyone shares their successes more than their failures.
Status Quo Bias
The tendency to prefer things to stay the same.
Expecting a group or person to have certain qualities without having real information about the individual (cf. ecological validity).
Survivorship Bias
An error that comes from focusing only on surviving examples, causing us to mis-evaluate a situation.
Tragedy of the Commons
We overuse common resources because it's not in any individual's interest to conserve them.
Unit Bias
We believe that there is an optimal unit size, or a universally-acknowledged amount of a given item that is perceived as appropriate (namely, food portions).
Zero-Risk Bias
The preference to reduce a small risk to zero versus achieving a greater reduction in a greater risk.