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Class Inequality: Neo-Weberian

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Argues that there is still a single middle class based on the possession of recognised skills (e.g. educational qualifications). The working class can only sell their manual labour power whereas the middle class can sell their mental labour power. Distinguishes between the upper and middle classes through the way in which the middle class do not own property or the means of production, so have to work for a living.
Disagrees that there is a single middle class. Recognises 7 classes (see memo).
Goldthorpe & Lockwood
Studied a car factory in Luton. Skilled workers have undergone embourgeoisement, yet they neither socialise with the middle class or with middle class values. Unlike white collar workers, they do not gain satisfaction from their work. Money is the key but in seeking money, the workers did not seek higher status. THEY ARE CONVERGING WITH THE MIDDLE CLASS BUT NOT ASSIMILATING.