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Ethnic Inequality: Marxism

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Racial inequality and discrimination are useful and inherent in a capitalist system. They help legitimise low pay, divide workers and create scapegoats for social problems.
There is a distinct relationship between capitalism and racism. Racism emerged in 1493 with the start of colonisation. Racism would not have developed if capitalism did not exist. ‘If capitalism had not developed then the world may never have experienced racial prejudice.’
Castles & Kosack
Discrimination in British society meant that there was an inability for ethnic minorities to get good jobs. Ethnic minority workers formed a reserve army of labour (immigrant salad workers in Europe). Ethnic minorities are the most disadvantaged group in the working class and do not form a separate underclass. Racism was fostered and encouraged to divide the proletariat and weaken their power. 3 ideological reasons for this are: 1. To legitimise 2. To divide and rule 3. To scapegoat.