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Age Inequality: Feminism

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Focuses on how men and women age differently biologically. Different ageing processes are more to do with lifestyles and experiences rather than biology. Characteristics of biological views of ageing: 1. Androcentric: men as the norm and female hormones the issue. 2. Scientific discourses: portray the ageing process for men and women as biological and not based on different lifestyles. 3. Dualistic notions: normal/diseased stereotypes unhelpful for the ageing process. Biological view of women increases male power and disguises real problems of ageing women, e.g. economic and political oppression.
Comparisons can be made between women and children in terms of inequality. Both are members of minority groups; however women have fought for change. Ways in which children are more disadvantaged: 1. Adults speak for children; children are not heard. 2. Childhood issues are ignored in sociology. 3. Children lack the same rights as adults. 4. Children have to conform to the demands of adults. 5. Society is adult centred.