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The Functions of Elections

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Function of elections 1. The electorate select representatives to act on their behalf
Choosing a government
Functions of elections 2. The majority party in the HofC forms the governing party
Functions of elections 3. Voting is a key way for the electorate to be involved in politics
Influence over policy
Function of elections 4: Elections allow citizens to have their policy preferences heard
In 1983, Labour's policy of unilateral disarmament was jettisoned
Example of an electoral defeat causing a party to rethink policies
Function of elections 5: Facing the electorate every five years ensures MPs and Gov is held accountable
Citizen Education
Function of elections 6: elections provide citizens with information on political issues and the policies of the main parties
Function 7 of elections: Voting for any party gives consent to the system - gov can claim to be acting in the will of the people
Elite Recruitment
Function 8 of elections: political parties nominate candidates for elections, provide them with campaign resources and expect loyalty