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Glenda Jackson, 32.8%
In 2010, The Labour Candidate, ______ _______, won her seat with _____ of the vote
1957, 1974
Which two years did the party who had a lower percentage of the vote gain a higher percentage of the seats?
34, 40
Psephologists have calculated that in 2010, if Labour had won __ of the vote and the Conservatives __ of the vote, they would have the same number of seats
How many MPs does Cameron have a majority of in 2015?
Between 1992 and 1997, John Majors majority of __ disappeared due to losses at by-elections
50%, 95%
In 2015, the SNP won ___ of the vote but ___ of the seats in Scotland
How many seats did the SNP win in 2015?
3.8 million
How many votes did UKIP win in the 2015 election?
1.1 million
How many votes did Greens win in the 2015 election?
British Bill of Human Rights, blanket email surveillance
Which two parts of the Conservative manifesto could not be delivered 2010-2015 due to Coalition?
1997, Dunblane Massacre
In ____, just 2 days after the ________ ________, a law was passed to ban handguns
How many governments has Italy had since WW2?
2004, Green
In ____, the German ______ Party threatened to leave the government unless Germany closed nuclear power stations
How many MEPs are there for the Eastern Region?
Cambridge and Chelmsford
Where do they 7 MEPs for the Eastern Region live?
2014 Rochester
In ____, in the by-election in _________, Lib-dem and Labour supporters voted Conservative in an attempt to keep UKIP out
How many Conservative MPs in Scotland after 2015 election?
In the 2010 election, _____ of the votes did not count towards electing an MP
40%, 31%
iN 2010, ___ of Labour held seats were in the north of England yet only ___ of its MPs were born in the North