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Majority Systems

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AV, SV, Two Ballot system
What are the three majority systems?
Ken Livingstone
Who did Boris Johnson beat on second preference votes in the London Mayoral election?
(which system am I?) Voters rank their top two candidates in order, and if nobody wins 50%, all bottom candidates are eliminated, and second preference votes are redistributed amongst the two remaining candiates
(which system am I?) Voters can express any number of preferences, and only the very bottom candidate is eliminated and their second preference votes redistributed, repeated until one candidate has 50%
Two Ballot System
(which system am I?) Two separate votes happen, one to eliminate bottom candidates and one to choose between the top two candidates
Humberside, John Prescott
In _________, former deputy PM ____ ________ lost his seat despite having most first preference votes (under SV in PCC elections)