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Proportional Representation Systems

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Regional Party List, STV, AMS, AV+
order the PR systems from most to least proportional
18, 6
The Northern Irish Assembly has __ constituencies, each returning _ members
Droop Formula
How is the quota calculated in STV?
to encourage Sinn Fein to give up violence and share power with the protestants
Why did Tony Blair introduce STV to the Northern Irish Assembly?
When was Regional Party List introduced to European Parliament elections
How many MEPs are there in the UK?
24, 20, 19
In the 2014 European Parliament elections there were __ UKIP seats, __ Labour seats, and __ Tory seats
Before 2014, the BNP had _MEPs
How many parties are in the Israeli government?
(which system am I?) Political Parties can put up as many candidates as there are seats, electors rank candidates, candidates are selected if they win a quota using the Droop formula, if they achieve a quota remaining ballots have second preference votes used
Regional Party List
(which system am I?) Political Parties compile a list of candidates in descending order of preference, voters vote for a party not a candidate, seats are allocated in direct proportion to votes
(which system am I?) a hybrid system with two votes, one single member constituency under FPTP and one top up seat under RPL
In Scotland, what percentage of of the AMS vote is under FPTP?
In Wales, what percentage of of the AMS vote is under FPTP?
How many MSPs in Glasgow?
9, 1
In 2007, Labour won _ seat under the FPTP of AMS and SNP won _ under the the FPTP of AMS
SNP, Conservative, Libdem, Green
In 2007, which parties won the top up seats in the RPL of AMS?
SNP majority government
What was the result of the 2011 Scottish Parliament Election?
SNP minority government
What was the result of the 2007 Scottish Parliament Election?
Lab-Lib Coaltion
What was the result of the 1999 and 2003 Scottish Parliament Election?
To stop an SNP majority government
Why did Blair introduce AMS in Scottish Parliament?
How many MSPs does the SNP have a majority of since 2011?
Labour-plaid coalition
What was the result of the 2007 Welsh Assembly Election?
Labour minority government
What was the result of the 2011Welsh Assembly Election?
What was the turnout in the German federal election, 2005? (under AMS)
3, 12
Under AMS in Scotland the Conservatives won _ FPTP seats and __ top up seats
no uni top up fees, personal care for elderly
2 Scottish Parliament laws that differ from English laws
free eye tests, free prescriptions
2 Welsh Assembly laws that differ from English laws
lower tuition fees
1 NI Assembly law that differs from English laws