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How to PGs influence gov?

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Ministers and civil servants, parliament, political parties, public opinion, direct action
What are the 5 targets PGs can try and influence?
performing functions, providing expertise, swapping personnel
How can PGs influence ministers + civil servants? (alphabetical order)
2014, NSPCC
In ____, the NSPCC wrote a new law on internet grooming
The Bar Association
Which pressure group has started to refuse to carry out legal aid work as it doesn't pay enough?
pay taxes, provide employment, provide exports
Why do big businesses have a lot of influence over the government?
an elective dictatorship
What did Lord Hailsham call our political system?
He could get any PG half an hour with Blair for £2000 (and £500 ph)
What did ex-Labour advisor Derek Draper claim?
Departmental Select Committees, 1979
Why do MPs now have more influence over policies?
1997, Bernie Ecclestone
In ____, ______ __________, boss of F1 provided Labour with £1 million funding
Stop The War Coalition march against war in Iraq in 2003. 2-3 million marchers
Which march was the biggest march in British History, and how many people were involved?