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Why have pressure groups become more important?

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globalisation, growth of promotional groups, legitimacy crisis, more access points,
What are the 4 reasons why pressure groups have become more important?
3.4 million
How many members in the National trust? (growth of promotional groups)
Over half the cause groups today have been created since when? (growth of promotional groups)
greater political activism, spread of grassroots participation
How is 'new politics' characterised? (growth of promotional groups)
anti poll tax riots
1990 example of political protest (growth of promotional groups)
When were the student demonstrations against rising tuition fees? (growth of promotional groups)
People's Fuel Lobby
Which pressure group embraced mass activism with the fuel blockade in 2000? (growth of promotional groups)
courts, devolved parliaments, EU bodies
What are the access points for pressure groups? (more access points)
Pressure groups which represent minority groups or are interested in civil liberties (Liberty)
What type of pressure group have particularly benefited from the 1998 Human Rights Act? (more access points)
European Small Business Alliance
Name a European-wide pressure group (more access points)
Which pressure group has more lobbyists in Brussels than London?
they are able to relocate production and investments
Why have business producer groups become more powerful through globalisation? (globalisation)
They dont pay suppliers for three months
How do Inbev take advantage of their leverage over government? (globalisation)
What has emerged as the World social forum due to globalisation? (globalisation)
How many NGOs took part in the 1992 Earth Summit?
parliament, parties
Which political institutes have legitimacy crisis? (legitimacy crisis)