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Which PGs are most powerful?

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aims, effectiveness of opposition, leadership, resources, size, support
What makes a pressure group powerful?
Practical achievability
KEY TERM: the extent to which a groups main goals are achievable in practise (aims)
Snowdrop Campaign to ban handguns
1997 example of pressure group with high practical achievability (aims)
They are too large scale
Why do most anti-globalisation campaigns not have practical achievability? (aims)
Public receptivity
KEY TERM: how sympathetic the general population are to a groups aims? (aims)
Dunblane Massacre
WHY did the Snowdrop Campaign's aim only become a reality after 1997? (aims)
Are smaller or larger PG's normally more powerful? (size)
How many members does the BBA have? (size)
Is it easier to organise a sectional or promotional group? (leadership)
Shami Charkrabarti
Who is an example of a strong leader? (of pressure group Liberty) (leadership)
celebrities, sympathetic newspapers
Public campaigns are usually only successful with the involvement of what two things? (support)
Sarah's Law (Sex Offenders Police Disclosure Act)
In 2011, which campaign did the Daily Mail campaign?
business groups
Who tend to oppose business groups? (effectiveness of opposition)
the BMA and ASH
Who opposes FORREST and tobacco companies? (effectiveness of opposition)
When is the introduction of plain cigarette packaging to be voted on? (effectiveness of opposition)
money is not everything, (FORREST is richer than the BMA)
What does the vote on plain packaging cigarettes show? (effectiveness of opposition)