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Pressure Groups theory

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Dignity in dying vs. BMA on assisted suicide (No group has more influence)
2012 example of pluralist competition between pressure groups
Cuadrilla vs Friends of the Earth on fracking (gov is pro fracking)
2014 example of elitist competition between pressure groups
Tesco employed Tim Smith, former boss of the Food Standards Agency, as group director
Example of swapping personnel
Robert Dahl
Who proposed the theory of pluralism
all pressure groups have equal influence over a neutral government
What does the theory of pluralism state?
he looked at a small town in America and concluded that no group dominated
How did Robert Dahl come up with the theory of pluralism?
politics is dominated by a very small number of elite gorups
What does the theory of elitism say?
Who wrote the Iron Law of Oligarchy?
Any society will end up being run by a small elite.
What does the Iron Law of Oligarchy say?
There are elite groups but these groups compete with each other
What does the theory of Elite-Pluralism say?
The flaw in the pluralist heaven is that the heavenly chorus sings with a strong-upper class accent
What did Schattscheider write about elite pluralism?
NFU vs. supermarkets over price of milk
Example of elite-pluralism
Conservatives are against on shore wind farming
Why is the RSPB an outsider group under Conservative gov?
want to sweep th government and present system away
why does the real IRA want to be an outsider group