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When were the Welsh and Scottish devolution referendums?
March 2011
When was the Welsh Assembly Referendum? (month and year)
May 2011
When was the AV Referendum? (month and year)
September 2014
When was the Scottish Independence Referendum?
When will the EU referendum potentially be?
One cut taxes, the other increased government spending!
What did the two contradicting initiatives in California disagree on?
What was the voter turnout in the May 2011 AV referendum?
A system alien to the British Constitution
What did Clement Attlee call referendums in 1948?
How many referendums have ever been held in the UK?
What majority did the Weslh and Scottish devolution referendum of 1997 gain?
What percentage of people voted 'no' in the 2014 Scottish Referendum?
Harold Wilson's cabinet was split on the issue
Why was the 1975 Referendum on leaving the EU held?
Coalition agreement, constitutional change, government split on issue
What are the three circumstances in which referendums have been held? (alphabetical order)
to stop any further loss of sovereignty to the EU
Why has Cameron introduced a 'referendum lock' on EU treaties?
2000, 2008
In ____, a Californian Initiative voted for gay marriage, but in ____, another Initiative banned it
Which country is mostly governed by referendums?
'Sophie's Choice' e-petition 2014
Why was the smear test age lowered to 16?
How many signatures mut an e-petition get to be discussed in parliament?
Constitutional changes, Political education, Reduced government power, Responsive government
What are the 4 arguments for referendums? (alphabetical order)
What was the voter turnout in the March 2011 Welsh Assembly Referendum?
Welsh and Scottish Referendums 1978
When was a turnout threshold of 40% used?
Do you agree that Scotland should become an independent nation?
What did Alex Sammond originally pose the 2014 Scottish Referendum Question as?
Should Scotland become an independent nation?
What did Cameron change the 2014 Scottish Referendum Question to?
700th anniversary of the battle of banockburn, year of Ryder Games, year of Commonwealth games in Scotland
Why did Alex Sammond hold the 2014 Scottish Referendum in 2014?
Fixed question, Fixed timing, Ill informed decisions, Irresponsible government, Low turnout, Unreliable views, Weakens parliament
What are the 7 arguments against referendums? (alphabetical order)
What percentage of 16-17 year olds voted 'yes' in the 2014 Scottish Referendum?