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com grande êxito
with great success; with flying colors
no final de
in the end of; on the end of; at the end of
no fundo de
in the bottom of; on the bottom of; at the bottom of / in the back of; on the back of; at the back of
ao longo de
on the side of, alongside, along
em qualquer dos casos
in any case
a bordo de
on board; aboard
após o trabalho
after work
among; amongst
por volta de
around; about
em cima
on top, up top, atop
abaixo de
below the; under the
cá entre nós
here between us; between you and me
cerca de
circa; around; about
apesar de
in spite of; despite
para baixo
from here
de longe
from afar
de acordo com
in accordance with; in accord with; according to
de forma prática
in a practical way
como uma pedra
like a rock
como todo mundo
like everyone else; like the whole world
with me
sem sombra de dúvida
without a shadow of a doubt
sem brincadeira
without joking; all joking aside
sem querer
without wanting to; unintentionally; unwittingly