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as dead as a doornail
totally dead
as blind as a bat
with out vision
as thin as a rake
very thin
as strong as an ox
as quiet as a mouse
to be very quiet
As heavy as lead
If something is very heavy
as Light as a feather
If something is very light (in weight)
as black as night
really black
as white as snow
beautifully white
as good as gold
(to describe children) very good
as cool as a cucumber
extremely calm
as busy as a bee
as hard as iron
something very hard
dry as bone
very dry, barren
as mad as a hatter
as bold as brass
bold to the point of rudeness
deaf as a post
really deaf
as easy as falling off a log
to be very easy
as quick as a flash
do it very quickly
as white as a sheet
pale with fear/horror
as sick as a dogg
as sick as a parrot
bad feeling of disappointment/frustration
as red as a beetroot
extremely red
worked like a dream
worked very smoothly and well
eyes like a hawk
sees everything
eats like a horse
to eat large amounts of food
drinks like a fish
to drink alcohol excessively
to sleep like a log
to sleep very soundly
a mind/head like a sieve
to be very forgetful
like a bear with a sore head
in very bed temper
like a bull in a china shop
behaving in a very clumsy, insensitive way
like a red rag to a bull
certain to make someone very angry