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Cat's mice
People will take advantage of someone else's absence to behave more freely
You can try to persuade someone but you can't force them
One positive sign does not mean that all will be well
There is no smoke without fire
Rumours al usually based on some degree of truth
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
Don't criticise other's faults if you suffer from them yourself
Too many cooks spoil the broth
Too many people interfering is a bad way of doing things
Many hands make light work
A lot of people helping makes a job easier
Get off
No admission to unacompanied minors
Not allowed under 18
This packet carries a governmetn health warning
What is in this packet is officially considered bad for your health
Tresspassers will be prosecuted
People who walk on this private land will be taken to court
Reduce speed now
Start going more slowly now
Cyclists dismount here
Cyclists should get off their bikes now
lunch is now being served
you can buy lunch here now
Please put you're purchases here
please put the things you're going to buy here
Fisher permit holders only
Only allowed to fish with permission
No entry to unauthorised personel
You may not enter without permission or if you don't work here
Pay and display
Buy a ticket and put it in a place it can easily be seen
No through road for motor vehicles
There is no way out at the other end of this road