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discourse marker: Well, not exactly
Discourse marker: Right/Ok, but...
Now, what shall we do next?
So, would you like to visit?
Good, I'll call you tomorrow then.
Well then
Well then, what was it like?
Now then
Now then, I want you to....
Fine/great, let's meet again sometime.
So, where was I
Used after interruption
Mind you
Used to add, like 'however'
Let mee see
A hesitation to gain some thinking time
introducing a suggestion or an important point
Hang on/Hold on
To prevent interruption.
You see
Used to start explaining something
you know, sort of
Hesitating to answer or speak
Kind of, like
used if you're uncertain.
Used to indicate the end of the conversation
Still/on the other hand
Contrasting two ideas
I mean
Making clear what you mean
a b c
To list things: a, I've got no money, b, I've got no car
First/firstly/first of all
To state that something has to be done first.
To say what happens next
Like with firstly only then the second and third
To make a final point
turning to
used to change to a new topic
leaving aside
used to say that you're not dealing with that topic
In parenthesis
Making a point that is a side issue not the main point.
In summary/to sum up
Listing or summing op the main points
In sum
Much more formal version of: to sum up/in summary
In conclusion/to conclude
Finishing the text
In other words/that is to say
rephrasing your point
For example/for instance
To give examples, to illustrate
, say,
similar to 'for example'
Giving a short explanation
so to speak/as it were
in a matter of speaking
The following
To introduce a number of points
refer back to what you've said before
E.g. See page 3495 for more info.
see below
examples are given below
Turn the page and you'll find it. (volgende blz)
E.g. for further details, see chapter 33.
refer you to
formal, to aks to look up a page. e.g. may I refer you to page 3 of this book?
With reference to
formal, to link to a previous letter or email. e.g. with reference to your email of December 5th,