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As I was saying...
Takes te conversation back to an earlier point
As you say...
repeats and confirms something someone has already said
Talking of...
starting a new topic, but linking it to the present one
If you ask me...
If you want my opinion
That reminds me...
something in the conversation reminds you of something
Come to think of it...
Something in the conversation makes you realise there may be a problem
This is it
This is an important point
That's it
That's the last thing, we've finished
That's that
That is agreed, finalised
If the worst comes to the worst
If the situation gets very bad indeed
If all else fails
If nothing else succeeds
What with one thing and another
Because of a lot of different circumstances
As far as I'm concerned
from my point of view
As luck would have it
By chance
Talking at cross-purposes
Talking about different things without realising it
Got the wrong end of the stick
Misunderstand something
Can't get a word in edgeways
Don't get a chance to speak beceause others are talking too much
Can't make head or tail of something
Not understandable at all
Talks down
Talks as if others are inferior
Talking behind anothers back
saying negative things about someone while he is not there
Small talk
Purely social talk
Talk shop
Talk about work
Talking point
Subject that everyone wants to talk about
Give him a talking to
Reproach him
Start the ball rolling
Start the discussion
Put it in a nutshell
Say it in a few words
Get to the point
Come to the important part of the matter
Speak my mind today
Say exactly what you think
Wrap up the discussion
Finish the discussion
says things in a long, indirect way
Talks rubbish
Says stupid things
Talks sense
Says reasonable things