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anterior thoracic wall
The sternum is located in the center of the _________ ________ ______.
The sternum is also known as the ______ ______.
manubrium, body, xiphoid
The three fused segments of a sternum are the ____________, _________, and the ___________ process.
clavicles, costal cartilages
The sternum is connected to the ___________ and the _______ __________.
The sternum covers and protects the _________.
The manubrium (from Latin manubrĭum, "a handle") or manubrium sterni is the broad, upper part of the sternum. Located ventrally with a quadrangular shape, wider superiorly and narrower inferiorly, it articulates with the clavicles and the cartilages of the first pair of ribs.
Clavicular notches
____________ __________ are depressions on the borders of the manubrium that serve as connection points for the clavicles.
jugular notch
The depression between the two clavicular notches is called the ___________ ________.
costal cartilages
7 small depressions on each side of the sternum serve as areas of attachment for the 7 true ribs' ________ __________.
body (or gladiolus)
The middle segment of the sternum is called the __________.
xiphoid process
The inferior segment of the sternum is called the ____________ _________. It serves as an area of attachment for the rectus abdominus (abs).
sternal angle
The _________ ________ is a slight, anterior protrusion formed at the junction of the manubrium and body. (Examination can indicate the relative position of the 2nd ribs).