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Winter Solider
A trained assassin
Doc Ock
A scientist that was in a chemical explosion and got four robotic arms stuck on his back
He was fixing a power pole and lightning hit it while he was up there and lived but gained powers of electricity
The lizard
A scientist that was testing an experiment on regrowing his arm but failed
A guy that pays villains to go and kill spider-man
A crook that slipped into a test zone for radiation with sand all around him
He possesses various superhuman attributes
He has had strips of adamantium fused to his skeleton and spine, making his bones virtually indestructible and he could psychically sense the presence of Daredevil
He normally has no superpowers of his own, but gained a multitude of energy-based powers via a nanomachine-enhanced suit that only functioned within his new Murderworld in Antartica
a mutant that ueses massive and inescapable force that crushes whatever is in its path
A mutant that can shape shift
The feral mutant
Bounty hunter