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Unsay problema?
What's wrong?
sure ka?
are you sure?
unsay imo pasabot?
what do you mean?
I hope so
dili unta
I hope not
ga duha-duha ko
I doubt it
wala ko paki-alam
I don't care
ngano dili?
why not?
ready naka?
are you ready?
listen (you)
unsa imo giingon?
what did you say?
isulti usab
say it again
ganahan ko ana
I like that
unsay imong gusto?
what do you want?
pasaylo-a ko
forgive me
kita ta sa sunod
see you later
wala na
no more
iksakto lang
just right
nag-unsa man sila?
what are they doing?
unsay petsa karon?
what is the date today?
nagdaot ko
I'm sick
niaging semana
last week
para kang kinsa?
for whom?
lie down
be patient
imo kinahanglan
you should/must
mao kana?
that's it?
tibuok gabii
all night
tibuok adlaw
all day
kausa pa
one more
gisamokan ko
I'm annoyed
pila ka buok?
how many?