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System of Inequalities

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two statements can both be true at the same time
the truth or falsity of one has no effect on the truth or falsity of the other
A system of equations has infinitely many solutions.
false under every possible assignment of truth values to its variables.
system of equations
A collection of equations in the same variables
substitution method
In this method, solve an equation for one variable, then replace that solution in the other equation, and solve.
elimination method
The process of removing one of the variables in a system of equations using addition or subtraction in conjunction with multiplication or division and solving the system of equations.
linear inequality in two variables
Any inequality that can be written in one of 4 forms, where A ≠ 0 and B ≠ 0, Ax + By ≥ 0, Ax + By > 0, Ax + By ≤ 0…
x > 2
A vertical dotted line through 2 and shaded to right of line.
y > 2
A horizontal dotted line through 2 and shaded above line.