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Simplifying Expressions

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algebraic expression
An expression consisting of one or more numbers and variables along with one or more arithmetic operations
distributive property
Multiplying a sum by a number is the same as multiplying each term by the number and then adding (or subtracting ) the products.
A number that divides evenly into another number. 3 is a factor of 15 (look at the chart!)
common factor
a number that is a factor of two or more numbers
greatest common factor
The greatest factor that two or more numbers share.
the decimal part
Like Terms
expressions that contain the same variables to the same power
Combining like terms
If an expression has several terms, you might find it helpful to rearrange the terms so that like terms are together.
A mathematical sentence that contains an equals sign
associative property of addition
When the grouping of terms changes, the sum stays the same.
associative property of multiplication
When the grouping of factors changes, the products stays the same.
commutative property of addition
If the order of the terms changes, the sum stays the same.
commutative property of multiplication
If the order of factors changes, the product stays the same.