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Solving Word Problems

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Let x = the first number
The second of two numbers is 8 times the first. Their sum is 72. Find the numbers.
Let g = the number of goals Matt Scored
Karyssa scored 20 goals less than twice the number of goals that Matt scored. The sum of their scores was 205. Find the two scores.
Let a = the smaller number
The sum of two numbers is 144. The larger number is 4 less than 8 times the smaller number. Find the larger number.
Let c = the number of pieces of candy belonging to the first kid
Two kids have some Halloween candy. The second kid has 6 more pieces than three times the first kid. Together the kids have 78 pieces of Halloween candy. How many pieces of candy does each kid have?
What do we know?
Sum of Alan and Marissa's age is 23. So Alan + Marissa = 23
What numbers do we know?
Use a letter to represent the unknown number.
Lets use x for Marissa since we do not know her age
Form or make an equation from the information given in problem using the letter that represents unknown number.
x + 17 = 23 Now solve.
Alex's age is 17.
So Marissa's age is 6 and
What you do on one side you must do on the other side.
How old is Alex and Marissa's brother
if he is three years less than twice as old as Marissa.
finish filling out
2 times 6 -23
5 times a certain number:
what we know is 5 times a certain number can be written as:
5n =155
So 5 times a certain number is 155
Lets solve:
5n=155 Divide both by 5