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Percents, Ratios & Averages

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x% =
(x/100) * y
x% of y =
percent =
(part/whole) * 100%
% change =
(actual change/original amount) * 100%
x:y or (x/y)
the "ratio of x to y" can also be written as
A comparison of two quantities, also know as fancy word for fraction.
number of items represented by the other part as well as the total number of items
if you are given a ratio and the number of items that corresponds to one part of the ratio, you can find the
the total number of items
with only the ratio you cannot find
with only the ratio you can find
what the total number of items is a multiple of
to combine ratios
give them a common term
(a/b) + (c/d)
(ad + bc) / bd
An equation that states that two ratios are equal.
average formula
(sum of terms) / (# of terms)
A segment or Ray that joins a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side
the most common value
in a set of evenly spaced numbers
the median and the average are the same
direct variation
A situation when one value increases as the other vaule increases or as one decreases the other decreases. y = kx k≠0
Inverse Variation
A situation when one value increases and the other value decreases. y = k/x k≠0
y = kx
direct variation equation
y = (k/x)
inverse variation equation
percent increase/decrease formula
[(amount of increase or decrease)/(original amount)] * 100%