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Graphs, Equations & Inequalities

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first difference
values determined by subtracting consecutive y-values in a table when the x-values are consecutive integers
The value or values that make an equation or inequality true.
intersection point
the ordered pair which satisfies both functions, where the functions intersect on the graph
solve an inequality
to determine the values of the variable which makes the inequality true.
compound inequality
Two separate inequalities joined by AND or OR.
solution of a compound inequality
The part or parts of the solutions which satisfy both inequalities
Two statements joined by the word AND. Only true when both statements are true.
Two statements joined by the word OR. Only false when both statements are false.
two numbers that have the same absolute value but have different signs
absolute value
The distance of a number from zero on a number line; shown by | |
linear absolute value equation
An equation in the form |x + a | = c
linear absolute value inequality
an inequality in the form | x+a | < c
equivalent compound inequality
a compound inequality that is the equivalent of an absolute value inequality