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Systems of Equations Using Substitution

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variable expression
A collection of numbers, variables, and operations. For example 3x + 5. (no equal sign)
Solution of an Equation
The value or values of the variables that make an equation true.
If you repeat an INPUT, and you always get the same OUTPUT, your data is a ______________________ .
Linear Equation
A polynomial equation of the first degree whose graph is a line.
coordinate plane
A plan formed by the intersection of a horizontal number line called the x-axis and a vertical number line called the y-axis.
ordered pair
A pair of numbers that can be used to locate a point on a coordinate plane.
The vertical measure, which is the second number in an ordered pair.
A visual display of data
Scatter plot
is a graph used to determine whether there is a relationship between paired data. Scatter plots can show trends in data.
graph of a linear equation
In x and y, is the set of all points (x,y) that are solutions of a
the point where the line crosses the y-axis
Rate of change
A value that results from dividing the change in a function (y-values) of a variable by the change in the variable (x-values). It is another name for slope.
The rate at which distance is changing with time.
slope intercept form
A linear equation written in the form: y=mx+b.
Represents the slope of a line in an equation.
Represents the y-intercept in the equation of a line.
lines in the plane that are the same distance apart
Function notation
In general, a special numerical relationship where the symbol f(x) replaces y and is read as "the value of f at x" or simply as "f of x".