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Direct & Inverse Variation

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direct variation
A situation when one value increases as the other vaule increases or as one decreases the other decreases. y = kx k≠0
Inverse Variation
A situation when one value increases and the other value decreases. y = k/x k≠0
Real world situations
1st quadrant.
Step 1: y= k/x
Suppose that x and y vary inversely and x=3 when y= -5. What is the function?
Direct indications
Both x and y values increasing or decreasing. There is a clear pattern of x to y, or y to x. State the direct variation in the form of
Inverse indications
If you multiply x and y to get the same k, it is inverse.
If none of the other indicators work, it is not constant. Therefore it is neither.
Combined Variation
Combines direct and inverse for more complex relationships. For these you'll just plug in values most likely.
y varies directly with square of x
y varies inversely with cubed of x
z varies jointly with x and y
z varies jointly with x and y and inversely with w
direct variation
If gummy bears cost $3.50 per pound, how much will 6 pounds cost? How much would a half a pound cost?