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Express a Number in Scientific Notation

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giga (G)
M:1,000,000,000 (10⁹)
mega (M)
M:1,000,000 (10⁶)
kilo (k)
M:1,000 (10³)
deci (d)
.1 or 1/10
centi (c)
.01 or 1/100
milli (m)
.001 or 1/1000
nano (n)
M: 0.000000001 (10⁻⁹)
pico (p)
M:0.000000000001 (10⁻¹²)
femto (f)
M: 0.000000000000001 (10⁻¹⁵)
conversion factor
a fraction with the units you are converting to on top and the units you are converting from on the bottom.
Density equation
Sig Fig Rules
-Any digit that is not zero is significant
multi and divide sig figs
answer should be in the lowest number of sig figs in the problem.
Temp. °F
Temp °C