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Complex Numbers

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complex number
includes real and imaginary numbers
Rational Number
Any number that can be expressed as a ratio of two integers. Example; 6 can be expressed as 6/1, and 0.5 as 1/2.
Irrational Number
A number that cannot be written as a fraction with a numerator and a denominator that are integers. The decimal representation of a rational number either ends or repeats.
imaginary unit
i, the square root of -1
complex conjugate
the value of 1 represented by the denominator of a complex fraction with opposite sign
complex plane
coordinate system where real numbers intersect with imaginary numbers
imaginary number
the square root of a negative number
real numbers
Any Number
the square root of -1
Complex Numbers
A combination of a real and an imaginary numbers (a + bi).
Complex conjugates
Two complex numbers of the form (a+bi) and (a-bi).
the answer to an addition problem
the answer to a subtraction problem
the answer to a multiplication problem
the answer to a division problem
The zeros are -3+3i and -3 - 3i
The zeros are:
f(x) = x³(x² - 4)(x² + 16)
2 - i
(3 - 2i) + (-1 + i)
-1 + 3i
(2 - i) - (3 - 4i)
1 + 6i
(4 + i) - (3 - 5i)
11 - 23i
(5 - i)(3 - 4i)