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is, was, has, cost
/ division
x% =
which, what
x (or any other variable)
x and y
x + y
x + y
the sum of x and y
x − y
the difference between x and y
y + x
x more than y
y − x
x less than y
the product of x and y
the square of x
x is greater than y
x > y (y < x)
x is less than y
x < y (y > x)
− y
y years ago
+ y
y years from now
c × (Jenny's age)
c times as old as Jenny
y + x
x older than y
y − x
x younger than y
y − x
the increase from x to y
x − y
the decrease from x to y
((y − x)/x)100
the percent increase from x to y (y > x)
((x − y)/x)100
the percent of decrease from x to y (x > y)
the percent of increase
(amount of increase/original amount)100
the percent of decreas
(amount of decrease/original amount)100
x + (n/100)x
n percent greater than x
x - x(n/100)
n percent less than x
the direction or course followed by an airplane, missile, or the like
a transformation that does not change the size or shape of a figure
the original figure BEFORE a transformation is performed on it
the resulting figure AFTER a transformation is performed on it
It is a transformation that moves points the distance and in the same direction.
the direction in which an figure is facing
a movement on the cartesian plane