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Translations, Reflections & Rotations

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When you slide one figure from one position to another.
A slide!
What is another word for translations?
When you flip a figure over a line.
A flip!
What is another word for reflection?
Reflect over x-axis means...
x-coordinates stay the same, y-coordinates are opposites.
Reflect over the y-axis means...
y-coordinates stay the same, x-coordinates are opposites.
90 degree clockwise, 180 degree clockwise, & 270 degree clockwise.
The vertical measure, which is the second number in an ordered pair.
is the first number in an ordered pair and it represents the location relative to the x-axis.
Up and Right:
down and Left:
reflecting over x-axis
reflecting over y-axis
Rotating 90 cw
Rotating 90 ccw
rotating 180
the resulting figure AFTER a transformation is performed on it
The image that I start with is called:
It is a transformation that moves points the distance and in the same direction.
a transformation that does not change the size or shape of a figure
Translation Theorem
A translation is an isometry.
It is a transformation that flips a figure over a line of reflection.
mirror line
Line of Reflection
(a, -b)
Reflection in the x-axis
(-a, b)
Reflection in the y-axis
(b, a)
Reflection when y= x
(-b, -a)
Reflection when y= -x
Reflection Theorem
A reflection is an isometry.
It is a transformation that turns a figure about a fixed point.
Center of Rotation
point around which a figure rotates
angle of rotation
formed by rays drawn from the center of rotation to a point and its image
90 Rotation
(-b, a)
180 Rotation
(-a, -b)
270 Rotation
(b, -a)
Rotation Theorem
A rotation is an isometry.