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Operations with Rational Numbers

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Opposite Numbers
Numbers that are the same distance from zero in the opposite direction (-3 and 3)
Zero Pairs
a pair of numbers whose sum is zero
positive number
all the numbers greater than 0, on a horizontal number line to the right of 0, and all numbers above the 0 on a vertical number line
Negative number
a number less than zero
Natural Number
a counting number from one to infinity.
The set of whole numbers and their opposites.
additive inverse
the opposite of a number
multiplicative inverse
reciprocal of a number
long division
a special procedure to divide larger numbers
Rational numbers
Numbers that include integers, wholes, and natural numbers.
Repeating Decimal
A decimal in which one or more digits repeat infinitely. Example: 0.757575...
Terminating Decimal
A decimal number that ends or terminates. Example: 6.75