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Asymptotes & X & Y Intercepts

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sub 0 in for all x terms
the point on a graph where y = 0, also points where the graph crosses the x-axis
Vertical Asymptotes
zeroes of denominator
Dolly parton
degree is bigger on the top than bottom;no HA
bottom heavy; the line is y=0; use sign chart to determine if graph is above or below
kim kardashian
Even degrees; divide lead coefficients to get HA;
Sign chart
use to see which neighborhood the function will go in; for inequalities when using the sign test only 2 can be positive and negative; if you end up with 3 then your work is wrong
The ______________________ is all the possible INPUT, X, values.
graphing rules
when only 1 x or y intercept, functions cannot cross twice; functions have to cross and x intercept.
x intercept is zero so for greater/less than equal to functions, the intercept on the line is shaded circle.
Interval notation
2 lines with Parentheses and brackets
extraneous solutions
when solving rational equations; check solutions for an undefined fraction.