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Synthetic Division

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leading coefficient
The coefficient of the term with the highest degree
a value that does not change in an expression
Synthetic division
To find a slant asymptote
Zero of a polynomial
a number that, when plugged in for the variable, makes the
Remainder Theorem
If a polynomial f(x) is divided by (x-c), the remainder is f(c)
Degree of a polynomial
the degree of the term in the polynomial that has the highest degree
Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
If P(x) is a polynomial of degree n>or equal to 1. then P(x)=0 has exactly n roots, including multiple and complex roots.
complex root
a root of a polynomial function that contains a complex number
complex conjugate
the value of 1 represented by the denominator of a complex fraction with opposite sign
Even Function
graph is symmetrical with respect to the y-axis; f(x) = f(-x)
Odd Function
graph is symmetrical with respect to both the x-axis and y-axis; f(-x)=-f(x)
Linear Factor
Polynomial of 1 degree