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Synthetic Division with Polynomials

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Factor Theorem
A polynomial f(x) has a factor (x-c) if and only if f(x) = 0
Remainder Theorem
If a polynomial f(x) is divided by (x-c), the remainder is f(c)
put it over what you divided by
if a remainder occurs in long division what do you do
draw line change sings
what do you do when youre subtracting and adding underneath the divden
coefficents of the qutent
numbers below line on synthetic division are now what
what happens to the degree of the variables
begins at one less than the highest degree of the divined
if aksed to evaluate polynomials through direct and syntehtic subsuttion and given p(x) what do you do
direct- plug in the number | syntetic- put the number given on the outside of the L and the coefficents of the equation on the inside of the L and exceucte synthetic division
what does p=
factor of constant
what does q=
factor of lead coefficient
outside of synthetic dividison L
where do you place your p/q value
What is the Rational Zeros Theorem?
Every rational zero of P is of the form p/q