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Ellipses Rule #1
Ellipses are used to indicate the omission of words.
Ellipses Example #1
I had a dog... then he died.
Ellipses Rule #2
Add a fourth period at the end of an elipsies when it appears at the end of the sentence.
Ellipses Example #2
There may be some pickles in the fridge, but....
Four periods.
How many periods are used if an ellipses is used at the end of a sentence?
To indicate an omission of words.
In which case do you use ellipses in the middle of the sentence?
Ellipses Rule #3
Ellipses can be used to show that an idea has trailed off.
When typing elipsis, always put spaces between the periods.
Italics Rule #1
Can be formatted only on a computer
They are referred to as words
Italics can be used to set off letters, numbers, symbols, or words when...
Italics Example #1
The word racecar (would be italicized) is a palindrome.
It is setting off a foreign word/phrase.
Italics are used on the phrase: nom de plume because...
Underline them!
If you cannot italicize the title of books, movies, etc., you should...
Italics Example #2
My favorite movie is Die Hard ("Die Hard" would be italicized).
A short story
An example of a title that is not in italics?
Which word in the following sentence should be italicized?
To Kill a Mockingbird provies a wonderful insight to the culture of the south in the early 1900s.
The answer:
To Kill a Mockingbird should be italicized because it is the title of a book.
Where would elipses be appropriate in the following sentence?
I tried to put the work off until tomorrow how I wish I didn't
Add the proper punctuation to this sentence:
I thought that Troy was a violent movie then I watched Black Hawk Down.
the answer (Quotations will be used to indicate the words to be italicized):
I thought that "Troy" was a violent movie. . . then I watched "Black Hawk Down".
I always wanted to visit Broadway. . . Base of Parallelogram
The answer (Quotations will be used to indicate the words to be italicized):
Height of a Parallelogram
The perpendicular distance between any two parallel bases.
Base of Triangles
Can be any side.
Height of Triangles
The length of an altitude drawn on a given base.
Height of a Trapezoid
the perpendicular distance between the bases
Sector of a Circle
region bounded by an arc of the circle and the two radii to the arc's endpoints; names using one arc endpoint, the center of the circle, and the other arc endpoint
segment of a circle
part of a circle bounded by an arc and the segment joining its endpoints
Center of a regular Polygon/ Radius of a Regular Polygon
Are also the center and the radius of its circumscribed circle.
The perpendicular distance from the center to a side of a regular polygon.
Central Angle of a Regular Polygon
Has a vertex at the center of the polygon and its sides pass through consecutive vertices of the polygon.I really want to see "The Lion King".