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Areas of Polygons & Circles

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Base of a Parallelogram
Any side of a parallelogram.
Height of a Parallelogram
The perpendicular distance between any two parallel bases.
Area Addition Postulate
(Postulate) The area of a region is the sum of the areas of its non-overlapping parts.
Area of a Parallelogram
The area of a parallelogram is the product of a base and its corresponding height. A=bh
Area of a triangle
A = ½ bh (or) A = bh÷2
Height of a Trapezoid
the perpendicular distance between the bases
Area of a trapezoid
1/2 (b+b)h or mh
Area of a Rhombus or a Kite
Area equals one half the product of the diagonals.
Area of a Circle
pi r ^ 2
Sector of a Circle
region bounded by an arc of the circle and the two radii to the arc's endpoints; names using one arc endpoint, the center of the circle, and the other arc endpoint
The perpendicular distance from the center to a side of a regular polygon.
Central Angle of a Regular n-gon
Angle measure is equal to 360/n, where n is the number of sides of the regular polygon.
Area of a Regular Polygon
The area of a regular n-gon with sides length s is half the product of the apothem a and the peroimeter P, so A=1/2aP, or A=1/2a*ns.
composite figure
a figure made up of two or more figures
Areas of Similar Polygons
If two polygons are similar with the lengths of corresponding sides in the ratio of a:b, then the ratio of their areas is a ²:b ².