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Parabolas, Ellipses, Hyperbolas

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The intersection of a plane and a double-napped cone.
the graph of a quadratic function
Axis of a Parabola
The line that passes through the focus of and the vertex of a parabola.
vertex of a parabola
The midpoint between the focus and the directrix. (h,k)
Equation adds x²/a² and y²/b²=1
Major Axis of an Ellipse
The chord joining the vertices of an ellipse, the longer axis. Length of major axis = 2a.
Major Axis Vertices (AKA Vertices)
The endpoints of the major axis chord.
Minor Axis of an Ellipse
The chord perpendicular to the major axis at the center of the ellipse. Length of minor axis = 2b.
Minor Axis Vertices (AKA Co-vertices)
The endpoints of the minor axis.
Foci of an Ellipse
The two fixed points within an ellipse that is between the center and the major axis vertices.
Center of an Ellipse
The midpoint of the foci, and each pair of vertices, represented by (h,k).
The ovalness of an ellipse. e=c/a
The set of all points (x,y) in a plane, the difference of whose distances from two distinct fixed points (foci) is a positive constant.
Branches of an Hyperbola
The two distinct disconnected parts of the Hyperbola when graphed.
Transverse Axis
The axis that goes through the vertices of a hyperbola.
Center of a Hyperbola
The midpoint of the vertices of the transverse axis of a Hyperbola.
conjugate axis
the line segment perpendicular to the transverse axis. its length is 2b
Asymptotes of a hyperbola
The two lines that intersect at the center of a hyperbola and pass through the vertices of a rectangle of dimensions 2a by 2b.
General Form of a Conic Equation
Ax²+Cy² +Dx +Ey +F = 0