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Rules of Differentiation

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d/dx [kx] =
d/dx [kf(x)]=
k f '(x)
d/dx [f(x)+g(x)]=
f '(x)g(x)+f(x)g '(x)
d/dx [f(x)-g(x)]=
f '(x)g(x) - f(x)g '(x)
d/dx [x^n] =
cos x
d/dx [sin x] =
- sin x
d/dx [cos x] =
(sec x)^2
d/dx [tan x] =
d/dx [sec x] =
sec x tan x
d/dx [csc x] =
- csc x cot x
- (csc x)^2
d/dx [cot x] =
d/dx [f(u)] =
f '(u) du/dx
= Quotient
Dividend ÷ Divisor
Use Quotient Rule
When finding the derivative of f when f is a function divided by another function
(in words)
BOTTOM times the derivative of the top minus the top times the derivative of the bottom all over BOTTOM squared.
Easier to split fraction up
When denominator is a single term