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Trigonometric Identities, Derivatives & Integrals

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sin² x + cos² x
csc² x
1 + cot² x (pythagorean)
sec² x
tan² x + 1
tan x
sin x/cos x
cot x
cos x/sin x
d(sin x)/dx
cos x
d(cos x)/dx
−sin x
d(tan x)/dx
sec² x
d(cot x)/dx
−csc² x
d(sec x)/dx
sec x tan x
d(csc x)/dx
−csc x cot x
∫cos x dx
sin x + C
∫sin x dx
−cos x + C
∫sec² x dx
tan x + C
∫csc² x dx
−cot x + C
sec x + c
∫sec x tan x dx
−csc x + C
∫csc x cot x dx
∫tan x dx
−ln |cos x| + C
∫cot x dx
ln |sin x| + C
∫sec x dx
ln |sec x tan x| + C
∫csc x dx
-ln |csc x + cot x| + C
∫du/√(a² − u²)
arcsin(u/a) + C
∫du/(a² + u²)
1/a arctan(u/a) + C
∫du/(|u| √(u² − a²))
1/a arcsec(|u|/a) + C
d(arcsin x)/dx
1/√(1 − x²)
d(arccos x)/dx
−1/√(1 − x²)
d(arcsec x)/dx
1/(|x| √(x² − 1))
d(arccsc x)/dx
−1/(|x| √(x² − 1))
d(arctan x)/dx
1/(1 + x²)
d(arccot x)/dx
−1/(1 + x²)