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Order of Operations

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an arrangement in a particular way
the action or procedure which produces a new value from zero or more input values, called "operands"
Order of Operations
the order in which operations in an expression to be evaluated are carried out.
the Order of Operations is defined by _______ rules
Speakers of British English use _______ instead of PEMDAS
In Canada, they use _______ instead of PEMDAS
PEMDAS stands for:
Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction.
BODMAS stands for:
Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Substraction
BEDMAS stands for:
Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Substraction
"Big Ogres Destroy Mice And Snails"
BODMAS can be turned into the phrase:
"Big Elephants Destroy Mice And Snails"
BEDMAS can be turned into the phrase:
"Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally"
PEMDAS can be turned into the phrase:
...you operate from left to right
When you have several operations of the same rank...
Exponents [PEMDAS]
(Powers, Roots) before Multiply, Divide, Add or Subtract
Multiplication [PEMDAS]
Multiply or Divide before you Add or Subtract
Parentheses [PEMDAS]
Do things in Parentheses First