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Derivatives of Basic Trig, Exponential, Logarithmi

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Cos (x)
d/dx of sin (x)
- Sin (x)
d/dx of cos (x)
sec^2 (x)
d/dx of tan (x)
d/dx of e^(x)
d/dx of csc (x)
- csc (x) * cot (x)
d/dx of sec (x)
sec (x) * tan (x)
- csc^2 (x)
d/dx of cot (x)
d/dx of ln(x)
d/dx (ln u)
(1/u) * (du/dx)
d/dx (e^u)
(e^u) * (du/dx)
d/dx (a^u)
(a^u) * (ln (a*du/dx))
(1/u*ln a) * (du/dx)
d/dx (log base a of u)
d/dx sin^-1 (u)
(1/ sqrt[1-u^2]) * du/dx
d/dx cos^-1 (u)
(-1/ sqrt[1-u^2]) * du/dx
d/dx tan^-1 (u)
(1/ [1+u^2]) * du/dx
d/dx cot^-1 (u)
(-1/ [1+u^2]) * du/dx
d/dx sec^-1 (u)
(1/ abs(u) * sqrt[u^2-1]) * du/dx
d/dx csc^-1 (u)
(-1/ abs(u) * sqrt[u^2-1]) * du/dx
d/dx (abs u)
(abs u)/u * du/dx {u cannot = 0}