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Analysis of Graphs

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(x,y) reflects across the y-axis
(x,y) reflects across the x-axis
(x,y) reflects across the origin
(x,y) reflects across the line y=x
(x,y) reflects across the line y=-x
y=f(x+a), a>0
y=f(x) moves a units left
y=f(x-a), a>0
y=f(x) moves a units right
y=f(x)+a, a>0
y=f(x) moves a units up
y=f(x)-a, a>0
y=f(x) moves a units down
y=f(x) reflects across the x-axis
y=f(x) reflects across the y-axis
y=f(x) reflects across the origin
the function is an even function and has symmetry across the y-axis
the function is an odd function and has symmetry across the origin
y=f(x) widens
y=af(x), a>1
y=f(x) narrows
A bar graph depicting a frequency distribution. The height of the bars indicates the frequency of a group of scores.
Bar graph
Bars do not touch; categorical data is typically on the horizontal axis; to describe: comment on which occurred the most often or least often
line graph
shows change over time
Scatter plot
is a graph used to determine whether there is a relationship between paired data. Scatter plots can show trends in data.
a data value that is either much greater or much less than the median
box and whisker (box plot)
a diagram or graph using a number line to show the distribution of a set of data; displays the median, upper and lower quartiles, and the maximum and minimum values of the data
pie graph or circle graph
a graph using a divided circle where each section represents part of the total
Stem-and-leaf plot
it displays individual observations
show data in multiples of a number
the sum of all the values divided by the number of values
A segment or Ray that joins a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side
the most common value
line of best fit
The line that most closely follows a trend in data is called the best-fitting line.