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Acceleration & Velocity

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The rate at which distance is changing with time.
vector measurement
measurement with magnitude or quantity and direciton
scalar measurement
measurement with only magnitude or quantity
point of origin
the beginning point on a line graph
positive acceleration
speeding up
negative acceleration
slowing down
another word for negative acceleration; the antonym (opposite) of acceleration
constant speed
the speed did not change; there was NO acceleration
constant velocity
the velocity did not change; there was NO acceleration
unit of measurement for velocity
m/s 2
unit of measurement for acceleration
m or km
units of measurement for distance
a=v¹= dx/dt
end, last
beginning, first
meters per second squared
SI unit for acceleration
D / T
a positive ________ or association means that, in general, as one variable increases, so does the other; when increases in one variable generally correspond to decreases in the other, the association is negative
net force
The *combination* of all forces acting on an object
The force that opposes the motion of one surface as it moves across another surface
910 seconds
How long it takes for a fly traveling 9.1 m/s for 100 meters
kinetic friction
Friction that opposes motion once the motion has *already started*
remain at rest/not move
If the net force is *zero*, the the object will _________
11.25 m
How far can a car moving at 25m/s in 45 seconds?
helpful friction
Helps stops a car, lets you grip things, starts a fire,walk on a sidewalk; writing with pen on paprer
fundamental forces
gravity, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, weak nuclear
balanced force
*Equal forces* acting on one object in opposite directions resulting no motion
Static friction is *greater than* ________ friction.
negative velocity
When speed is *decreasing* in a certain direction
Fluid being pushed back out of the way by an object and talking its place.
Acceleration can be determined from a *velocity* vs. *time* graph by calculating the line's _________
centripetal force
A force that causes an object to move in a circle