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2D & 3D Measurement

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P = sum of all edges
Perimeter of ANY polygon (not really a formula)
A = lw
Area of a Rectangle
Area of a triangle
A = ½ bh (or) A = bh÷2
A = bh
Area of a Parallelogram
Area of a trapezoid
1/2 (b+b)h or mh
Circumference of a Circle
π times the diameter
Area of a Circle
pi r ^ 2
V = lwh
Volume of a rectangular prism
Surface Area of a rectangular prism
SA = 2lw + 2lh + 2wh (or) SA = 2(lw + lh + wh)
Volume of a Cylinder
V = pi r squared h
surface area of a cylinder
SA = 2 pi r squared + 2 pi r h
V = Bh
Volume of ANY prism
SA = sum all of the face's areas
Surface Area of ANY prism (not really a formula)
Volume of a triangular prism
V = Bh (or) V = (½ bh)h
volume of a sphere
V = 2/3 pi r squared h (or) V = 4/3 pi r cubed
Volume of a Cone
V = 1/3 pi r squared h
Volume of a Pyramid
V = 1/3 lwh
volume of cylinder
area of circular base x height
surface area of rectangular prism
2 x length of base + 2 x length + 2 x height