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Forces, Circular Motion & Gravitation

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What is an inertial reference frame?
-a frame of reference in which Newton's First Law is valid
F = ma
Formula for Newton's Second Law
a displacement distinguished by magnitude and direction but not by location.
a physical quantity that has magnitude but no direction
This is the unit of measurement for force.
is (1/f₀)(d²φ/dx²+d²φ/dy²)+f₀+βy the correct form of the quasigeostrophic (QG) absolute vorticity, yes or no
What exactly is the mass of an object?
the amount of matter of which a given object is composed
the same
if take off and landing heights of a trajectory of a projectile are the same, then the time from ground to apex should be _______ the time from apex to ground
What is the weight of an object?
the downward force due to Gravity in a particular environment
What is Newton's Third Law?
-if one object exerts a force on a second object, the second object will exert a reaction force on the first object which is equal in magnitude but opposite in direction
Describe the tension in a freely running massless rope
vertical slope
What are the two limiting cases you should analyze when working with inclined planes?
When an elevator starts to go up, do you feel heavier or lighter?
When an elevator starts to go down, do you feel heavier or lighter?
the acceleration of the elevator floor
What are these perceived changes in your weight the result of?
What does arc length (s) denote?
the distance we travel around the curved path of a circle
What does omega (ω) denote?
the angular velocity in radians per Second
Angular acceleration
represented by a lower case alpha (α)
Angular displacement
displayed as the change in theta (∆θ)
What is the rotational analogue of mass?
I (rotational inertia or moment of inertia)
because his tangential speed decreases
A child riding on a merry-go-round jumps off a wooden horse and starts walking towards the center of the ride. As he moves, the acceleration he feels decreases. Why?
because the centripetal force can exceed the force holding the car to the road
Why does it become unsafe to take a turn in your car past a threshold speed?
all orbital paths are elliptical
What does Kepler's First Law state?
What does Kepler's Second Law state?
an orbiting object moves faster and is subject to a greater force When it is closer to the object about which it orbits
True or false: a perfectly circular orbit has a uniform angular velocity.
walk from rest
What are two instances in which static friction helps to accelerate an object from rest?
What is mechanical advantage equal to?
mechanical advantage = weight of object to be supported/applied force needed to support the object