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Kinetic & Potential Energy

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a force acting upon an object to cause a displacement. (key words: force, displacement, and cause)
Formula for work
(physics) the rate of doing work
the unit of measure for power is _______
Formula for Power
Potential Energy
(mass) x (g) x (height)
elastic potential energy
a stretched bungee cord
gravitational potential energy
an icicle hanging from a rooftop
mass and height
GPE depends on what?
mass*acceleration of gravity*height
mass and velocity
Kinetic Energy depends on what?
What is the Formula for Kinetic Energy?
(physics) the capacity of a physical system to do work
Chemical energy
the stored energy of particles in matter that can be released when the particles react to form a new substance
electromagnetic energy
a camera flash
electrical energy
a power line
Mechanical Energy
Potential - energy associated with the motion or position of an object
sound energy
a clap of thunder
thermal energy
a hot coffee mug
Nuclear energy
Potential - the energy stored in the nucleus of an atom
steering wheel
Wheel and axel
are wheel and axels with a groove around a wheel were a rope fits in
Inclined Plane
A flat surface set at an angle or an incline with no moving parts that is able to lift objects by pushing or pulling the load.
two inclined planes joined back to back
A simple machine that is an inclined plane wrapped around a central cylinder to form a spiral
Lever (1)
Fulcrum is in middle and load and effort are on one side
Lever (2)
Fulcrum is at end load is in middle
Lever (3)
fulcrum at end effort in middle
GPE= M x G x H
The formula for calculating potential energy is_______.
Potential energy is measured in units of_______.
9.8 m/s (2)
Gravitational pull must be measured in units of_______
a body of coherent matter, usually of indefinite shape and often of considerable size
Calculate the potential energy of a rock with a mass of 55 kg while sitting on a cliff that is 27 m high.
Eg=196 J
What distance is a book from the floor if the book contains 196 Joules of potential energy and a mass of 5 kg?
M= ?
An automobile is sitting on a hill which is 20 m higher than ground level. Find the mass of the automobile if it contains 362,600 J of potential energy.
Energy of motion
½ m v²
The formula for calculating kinetic energy is_______
mass (kg)
The two factors that determine the amount of kinetic energy in an object are_______and_______.
Mass must be measured in units of_______
A car enters the freeway with a speed of 6.4 m/s and accelerates uniformly for 3.2 km in 3.5 minutes. How fast (in m/s) is the car moving after this time? (units)
KE= ½ m v²
Calculate the kinetic energy of a truck that has a mass of 2900 kg and is moving at 55 m/s
Ek= ½ m v²
How fast is ball rolling if it contains 98 J of kinetic energy and has a mass of 4 kg.