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Heat Engines & Thermodynamics

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Adiabatic Compression
In a heat engine a compession that doesn't result in an increase in heat.
Adiabatic Expansion
In a heat engine a expansion that doesn't result in an increase inn heat.
Carnot Efficiency
since |Q_h| / T_h = |Q_c| / T_c
_______ compares the amount of output work to the input work.
Exhaust Stage
in a heat engine, the stage at which the combusted hydrocarbons are released.
Heat Engine
a machine that transform heat into mechanical power: steam heating.
Ignition Stroke
the spark that ingnites and explodes a mixture of fuel and air, especially in a combustion engine (car)
Intake Stroke
in a combustion engine, the movement at which air and fuel is brought in the cylinder and mixed.
Steam Turbine
a rotating generator that uses steam for it's rottational power.
physics that is concerned with energy, transfers and work.